Research Case Proposal on Organizational Leadership and Ethics

Team Research Case Proposal Template

Organizational Leadership and Ethics

  • Team Research Topic:
  • Name and brief description of the Organization (e.g., type of industry, number of employees, management levels, code of ethics, and CSR policy)
  • Methodology:
  • References:

The topic is organizational leadership and ethics related issue that your team would like to work on. For example: Wells Fargo Fake Account: A Case Analysis of Organizational Leadership and Ethics. Select a topic that helps you to cover aspects related to ethical issues and corporate social responsibility; and involves both types of actors – leaders and followers and their styles.

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Give brief description on how your team plans to collect data (e.g., employee interview, grey literature, books, company website, industry reports, published academic or trade literature, and popular media coverage – magazines and newspapers).

This is a research report and report should include at least 10 different published sources of information. At this initial stage, provide references for at least three published sources that you may use in preparing your research project (Avoid listing Wikipedia and other generic sources).

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