research Methods homework.answer questions and fill the blank

I attached my work.Professor told me to rewrite it again because its not fully answered the questions.

Topic:How effective DUI in car devices.

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Homework assignment 1: How to design interview questions

The objective of this assignment is to prepare a qualitative research design.

1.Why is the qualitative method being used for this study?

2.What qualitative strategy of inquiry is being used? Explain.

3.What do expect to discover or learn from the responses?

4.Describe your target population. (A) Who are the participants? (B) Why have these individuals been chosen?

5.What sampling method will be used to select the target (sample population)?

6.How are you going to collect your data?

7.How are you going to analyze the data?

8.Are you going to conduct a pilot study first? ( Describe your plan of action)

9.How long will it take for you to complete the interview process? (Timeline)Where will the study take place? ( Location)

Part 2:

Prepare interview questions. ( No less than five no more than 10)

My topic is How effective DUI in car devices i will attach previous my assignments so based on that you going to do this homework.i did assignment on questionnaire ,but now it must be interview,it different.

Assignment2: Theoretical Framework

Instructions: The aim of this assignment requires students to complete the following paragraph. The theory selected should explain the phenomenon you are studying. Based on my topic and previous work.:How effective DUI in car devices.

“The theory that will be used is ______________________. The theory was developed by_______________, and it was used to study__________________. As applied to this study, the theory holds that the independent variable is ___________and influences or explains the dependent variable____________________.

I attached my work.Professor told me to rewrite it again because its not fully answered the questions.

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