Research Paper 102

 Hi there, 

I am taking writing class and, 

I have 10 page research paper its about an argumantive topic (you can choose is it but need 4 acedemic article about it) and its gonna be in apa format including 4 ACEDEMIC ARTICLE. I need for this research paper 

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4 argumentive statemts (SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT) 4 SENTENCES ONLY and in this for 4 statement you will choose one of them and its gonna be the research paper. And I need an ONE PAGE ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY for the research paper. Actually it can be the first article and you can stright up. 



total is gonna be including the 1 page just 4 sentences 1or 2 page bibliography and 10 page research paper. total=11 or 13page… 

If you have any questions let me know

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