Research Paper + Brochure

Requirement 6: Actual Research Paper – 100 Points


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You will write a report discussing your city, the business you selected for your city, and analyzing the business for your selected city. You will provide an argument letting the reader know why the business you selected would be a good fit for the city you chose. As you are learning in BUAD 301, it is important to make sure to provide solutions with information to back up your reasoning.

A minimum of 5 outside sources are required for your APA report (published and credible sites ONLY – No Wikepedia or webpages). Use any sources that seem appropriate, but make sure you go beyond the surface. Learn what you can about the town’s history. What direction are they going in? Is there a social or political climate that you should account for? What do residents want in their community? After all, there’s no point in recommending a skate park for a community populated by retirees. Keep track of your sources: cite them in the text and list them in your References. Incorrect attribution causes a substantial reduction in your report grade.


You must write your report in APA format. You should be familiar with writing in APA style. If you are not, or would like a refresher, please visit the following website to familiarize yourself with the APA writing style:

Additional requirements:

  • Must be in APA format – NO MEMOs. You will need a title page in APA format.
  • The text of the report should be double-spaced, font 11 or 12, 1 inch margins, 4 pages minimum.
  • Use titles for each section; be creative – City Background Information, Future of City, Planned Business for City, Business Background and Success, Business Idea, etc.
  • Include a REFERENCE page with at least five citations in standard APA style (you can use surveys and interviews as well if you like). They must be as current as possible. The reference page and the title page do not count as part of the minimum of 4 pages.
  • Proofread carefully and SPELLCHECK.
  • Make sure to write in third person.
  • You must include a SWOT analysis for your business (include an actual SWOT Analysis chart)


    Requirement 5:
    Brochure – 10 POINTS
    You will create a visually-driven tri-fold brochure using at least three appropriate images for the business you are creating for your selected city. This can be an informative brochure, a promotional brochure, or both. A color piece is not required, but it is highly recommended. You can be as creative as you want with this. This should be a professional looking brochure (DO NOT TAPE TWO PAGES TOGETHER – The brochure should be printed on each side of a single sheet of paper). Here are some sites which show how to create a tri-fold brochure: · Article: · Video: · Search the web on your own to find other methods. Additional Information: · Format the brochure to make good use of white space. Make sure that the pages are all well-designed and have consistent margins. Make sure all six pages are used appropriately. · Maintain consistent fonts throughout the brochure. Make sure that font size is readable. · You may make up the address, phone number, and web address for your business. All other data must be real. · Company logos are OK. Images from your Power Point presentation are OK. Team members may share images, although each team member is responsible for his/her own brochure. · Try to use images that are similar in style or thematic to enhance your brochure. · Make sure that the images you are using don’t infringe on copyrights. · Look for *.gif, *.png, and *.jpeg images. Those will be most easily read by basic computer software. Be sure to include enough information so that the general public (prospective customers) will understand what your product or service is and why it should appeal to them. Do not just cut and paste sections of the business plan into the brochure. Since a brochure has a different purpose, the material you include should serve that purpose. Consider what you would be curious about if you were the customer, and include that information. Make sure your name is on the brochure! Expected Student Outcomes: Students will gain experience incorporating appropriate images into a document for a new audience. Experiment with different layouts, computer programs, and communication channels. Have some fun.

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