research paper’s annotated bibliography (REY WRITER)

revisit the topic that you listed in my research proposal.

for this assignment, you need to complete an annotated bibliography of the sources you are finding for my research paper. as you continue to work on your project, add to your list, so that when you are ready for your final draft you can  remove the unused citations and all annotations. after these things are removed and your paper is re-titles “references” it will be ready to submit as part of the final paper. Here are things you should look for in a good annotated bibliography.

1.  you use at least three university-level resources that are authoritative, correct, unbiased, current and coherrent.

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2. your title ie references, not bibliography. your author are listed in alphabetical order and there is a short explanation after every citation.

3. your citation are APA formatted (with having indent) and each needed block of annotation text is in the approiated order.

4. the work form in 12 point, times new roman font with one inch margins all around.

5. you offer a description of the source usefulness statics, clever, quote, table, fact, or other relevant information. it a source is not useful, you note that it is not going to be used in your paper


used the paper you did for me last Rasicm in America

thank you so much i got an A on that assignment



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