research project proposal.

GRAMMARLY CORRECT!!!! ESSAY FORMAT! MUST Be TRANSITION PARAGRAPHS(summarizing what said and what is going to be said 3 or more sentences) BETWEEN EACH SUBHEADINGS BELOW.RESEARCH PROPOSAL: The final proposal for this course must include the following

sections and subheadings. Proposals that do not contain these sections will result in

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points being deducted from the final grade.

Chapter 1 must be written in future tense.

Brief Overview of the topic

Problem Statement(too many repeat offenders and DUI devices not stoping them)

Purpose of the Study(solve the problem to reduce repeat offenders)

Research Question (How efficient are the DUI in car devices?What is the impact of the DUI device in reducing repeat offenders?


Theory (deterrence theory, independent variable- DUI, dependent – what effect y=x,y-reduce DUI,x-interlock device)

Definitions(-what was said in literature ,other authors,not from encyclopedia)

Study Limitations-external

Chapter 2 – Review of the

Related Literature must be written in past tense.

Literature Review -i attached file,just add transitional paragraphs before and after.

Chapter 3 – Methodology (write in future tense.)

Methodology (Quanitative. why?)

Research Method

Strategy of Inquiry (Survey research)

Sample Population (min 30 max 400,who and how purposely selected population, snowballing)

Instrumentation ( questionnaire , advantage and disadvantage cheap and easy )

Data Collection (how process , where study taking place Cook County)

Data Analysis ( descriptive cross-tabulation statistic to draw conclusive )

1. Cover page prepared in APA format.

2. An abstract prepared in APA format.

3. Reference page prepared in APA format.

4. The sources cited in the body of the text must be presented in APA


5. All assignments must be double-spaced – 12-point font.

i will attach my previous work that you can use to write perfect final proposal.remember about 3 or more transitional sentence paragraph needed between each subheading.GRAMMAR!!!

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