Research Proposal (in preparation for major essay) online visit 2 places of worship

700-900 words approx. excluding the annotated bibliography

The purpose of this piece of assessment is twofold. The report of the visits and the annotated bibliography. You are required to visit 2 places of worship (out of 3 required for the final essay) and participate in a service/ritual. The visits should be to places from different categories. The categories are a) Abrahamic Religions b) Asian Religions c) New Religious movements(e.g. new age). FOLLOWING THE SUPPLIED RESEARCH TEMPLATE.

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The ‘visit’ as a digital experience – as a ‘website visit’ (e.g. a youtube videos of religious services, places, rituals etc)

To familiarise yourself, can see here

These two short videos as a sample of the type of online ‘site visits’ you may explore:

There are essay questions worth considering arising from all this: e.g. Can online space be ‘sacred space’? (what practices are associated with this creation of sacred cyberspace?); Does religion necessitate ‘community’? (how do forms of online community differ from physical communities and rituals practiced spatially?

The intention of these short reports is to provide information from your fieldnotes and observations as well as demographic information of the service attendees about the services. The report should also highlight one or two themes that has emerged from your observations and which you are going to develop further and critically discuss in your major essay.

Themes :

Sacred use of music(how did the use of sound”createaffective space”(Patridge)?Compare and contrast your sites and explore the use of

affect)/Ritual(what is the importance of ritual?)/Community/Gender;religion and family/experience/Methodology

You also need to provide an annotated bibliography of 6 (3 relating to each place) scholarly articles, book chapters or books relating to that place of worship. The annotated should also state how that particular reference will be used in the major essay. The annotatation should also state how that particular reference will be used in the major essay. Annotations should be brief, accurate and approximately 50-100 words each.

Criteria & Marking:

The report (15%) will be marked based on:

  1. Demographic details of the place of worship that you attended,
  2. Observational notes relating to your chosen theme(s),
  3. Relevance of the theme(s) that you have identified and are going to develop in your final essay,
  4. Written expression.

Your annotated bibliography (15%) will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Annotated Bibliography Assessment Criteria

Your annotated bibliography will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  1. Identification of relevant scholarly literature and secondary sources.
  2. Identification of suitable primary sources or original materials (if applicable).
  3. Relevant and insightful annotations identifying key themes and uses of the sources.
  4. Written expression and correct referencing style.

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