Social Media Campaign For Intrepid Travel Only Need 4 Slides And Notes 19942261

Looking for someone to do  a 3-4 slide powerpoint presentation (with notes included) on Intrepid Travel and how they plan on pivoting their social media during/after the pandemic? I’d like this to cover the following talking points:
-How their social media pages (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Website) were affected during the Covid-19 pandemic
-How Intrepid Travel Company is working on incorporating Virtual Reality during the pandemic and hosting events on Zoom/Virtual tours of places featuring tour guides to help keep people interested in travel during the lock downs
-What they plan on doing post pandemic (with Media Marketing) to help ease customers back into traveling. Maybe they market local destinations first then expand into international once the vaccine is out
I need 3-4 slides with detailed notes of everything listed above. It should not be more than a page of notes. Let me know if you’re able to do this and when you can finish it by. Thank you! 

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