The Environmental Protection Agency

In a recent U.S. Supreme Court case, the court ruled against new regulations imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Read the following article from the New York Times called Supreme Court Block’s Obama’s Limits on Power Plants (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and in a 500+ word paper explain the courts ruling in your own words. From your textbook reading, discuss the type of authority the EPA has been given by Congress. Did the court say that these new standards exceed the EPA’s authority? Is it possible that these new limits could eventually become the standards? What does the court say the EPA have to do first? What does your textbook say an agency must do to make new regulations?

Short papers should be a minimum of 500 words long. In your paper, answer all of the questions in the prompt and include a discussion of anything relevant you have learned in the course or from the textbook. When you are asked to read an article, case summary, or watch a video from an outside source you should specifically mention or quote something from that source at least twice in your paper. Any reference to or use of outside information should be noted (cited) either in the paper or at the bottom of the page.

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