Why do we need theories to explain the complex, chaotic world

Select one of the following sets of questions and write an essay:


Why do we need theories to explain the complex, chaotic world? What are the differences between the neo-realist and liberal theories of world politics? What are the core concepts and propositions of each theory (for example, anarchy, self-help, balance of power, comparative advantage, democratic peace theory, collective security, etc.)? How does each theory explain the conditions of war and peace in the world? How do they understand “security” differently? In your view, which of these theories better captures the fundamental drivers of peace and conflict in the world?

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According to Marx’s Communist Manifesto, how does the bourgeoisie originate as a class, and how is it a revolutionary class? What are the structural contradictions of capitalism? How does the proletariat develop as a class, and why is revolution necessary? Next, describe the Classical Marxist theory of imperialism. How does Lenin explain the links between economic competition and military rivalry in the world system? Finally, what was the logic of colonialism and what is the Marxist theory of World War 1?


No notes allowed. You must prepare in advance and write from memory. Bring a pen to class. Write clearly so the TA can read the test. Make sure to explain and define all of your terms. Write as much as possible, the more the better. Draw upon the readings, lectures and PPTS to prepare. You must write clearly and use proper grammar,

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