writing of a personal manifesto for architecture

writing of a personal manifesto for architecture. This document will conclude the research into

the topic outlined by each student in their first two position papers of the semester. It should

succinctly describe the values, agenda, and vision for the architecture that each student (as

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related to their topic of study) values and should outline the initial frame of reference that will

guide their education and early careers. As discussed in lecture 11, there is a long tradition dating

back to Vitruvius involving architects framing their work within the issues of their “day” as well

as outlining the ways that they feel the discipline of architecture could/should address these very

issues. Manifestos are a “tried & true” method for architects to communicate the intended

referential frame, context, and audience for their work as well as projecting how they feel this

work should be measured and critiqued. It is a way of clearly defining and communicating an

agenda or statement of why their work matters and how “architecture” can meet a specific

challenge. It may outline something “new”, or something lost, that historically the discipline

has failed to face or no longer faces properly. Therefore, a “new” way is proposed allowing for a

path to properly adapt to emerging conditions.”

Though this is the “closing” argument of the semester and will encapsulate previous research and

material, students should not “plagiarize” their previous work. This is to be a “new”, more

focused and refined argument with 3 NEW references added to the reference list of their

previous research into the topic. It is the “finishing statement” for what they believe is a pressing

societal issue and then a proposal for a means for architecture to address this circumstance. For

instance, Le Corbusier saw his “age” as striving towards precision and proposed that the house

was the proper expression for exploring these emergent “aesthetics of precision”. His answer

was the “five points of architecture” and his concept of the house as a “machine for living”.

should be more about a particular typology or integrative architectural strategy. This manifesto

could also be focused towards the “agency” of the architect, the power of the architect’s design

skill set, or the discipline’s ability to address the contingent issues that must be addressed for the

profession to successfully adapt to the changes that globalization has wrought.

For the first 2 papers talk about using more natural light and solar energy to get clean air,

and help improve our environment





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